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Crude Oil Pay Per Calls

We know that there are lots of people who only depends or happy with doing single work profile, but there are many people who want to earn more money with side work. Trading in Commodity market is a very good option, where you can work partial and get hug amount. Lots of traders have only one option, that is trading, and some trader have lots of another his own business and work, that the reason they want to earn hug money but cant give a lot of time for trading in live market. For those traders and investors we have a plan that is " Crude Oil Pay per Call Service plan". In this plan we are not offering daily call, when our analyst sure in market, that day only they offer call. It is 100% sure shot call. Traders can purchaser calls as per his requirement of time and trading.

In Crude Oil Pay Per Call Service Plan we offer service in crude oil with a minimum target of 80 points and maximum target of 110 points. Stop loss will be minimum 25 points to max 35 points. Alls calls will be Intraday basis.

Online Trading benefits with Crude Oil Pay Per Call

  • 100% Sure Shot Crude Oil calls.
  • Calls will offer Only in Crude oil.
  • All Call will be intraday basis.
  • Only live market calls - No premarket calls
  • Complete phone support during Market Hour
  • Timely follow up on regular basis
  • Traders Minimum two (2) Calls can purchase.
  • 2 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.15,000/-
  • 3 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.20,000/-
  • 4 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.25,000/-
  • 5 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.29,000/-
  • 6 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.34,000/-
  • 7 Calls Subscription Fee = Rs.37,000/-

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